My First Nature Post

I’ve been fly fishing for quite a whiles now, and today I’m giving away a few free tips for all of you newbies out there. As an angling instructor, I’d like to emphasize that technique of casting is the most important thing for you. It’s important to get a good fly fishing instructor like myself to coach you with this. You need to be able to cast your line proficiently before we can even start discussing how to up your catch rate.

First, try to be as silent as possible and be careful not to cause any ripples in the water. As we all know, fish can sense any moment so you must be relaxed and patient, like a tiger. Trout and other fish can hear vibrations through the water, so any slight movement will send them swimming away.

Look for insects in or on the water. Chances are trout and fish are stalking those prey and will be plentiful for you to catch. Match what the trout are eating and use those as your bait. You need to make sure the fly are also big enough to lure the trout.

Ok that’s it for now as my first post. I hope to have more tips on fly fishing another time. My next post should be about landscaping as that is my second hobby!