What’s with these monotonous homes?

As I was fishing along the estuary near Peters Canyon bike path, I was passing by houses in Irvine, CA. Usually, the water is not quite deep due to the CA droughts, but this past month has seen unusual amount of rain. However, it was still hard to find fish as the water wasn’t clear due to the runoff from the storm drains.

Nonetheless, I saw many beautiful water birds looking for food along the water and in the mud, like this heron here

Though nature was beautiful, I couldn’t help but notice that in Irvine, all the homes look the same! I look left, I see the same house with nicely manicured lawns. Similar to this:

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For real! Why can’t people have some more personality in this city! Why does everything have to look perfect! Like a bubble! All the cities around Irvine, like Santa Ana or San Clemente have much more personality. Then, I found a gem. Nestled near UCI I came across this beauty– I later learned that it was the handiwork of Irvine Garden and Landscape and their landscaping Irvine contractors!

Thank goodness we still see creativity in this place! Anyway, I didn’t catch much today but I had a great time exploring Orange County! Until next time

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